Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is made from stone, sand, and gravel, and is held together by a binder called asphalt cement.  It is a ‘flexible’, yet durable material used for parking lots, roads, and other infrastructure.   Asphalt is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable pavement option.  From new construction to repairs, asphalt provides a cost effective and long-lasting solution for parking lots and roads.

It is important to maintain asphalt surfaces, as asphalt naturally goes through a process called oxidation.  During the process, the asphalt binder breaks down causing the pavement’s flexible surface to lose its elasticity.  Over time, a loss of flexibility coupled with vehicle traffic, weather, and other elements can cause the surface to become brittle and susceptible to asphalt failure such as cracking and potholes.  Regular maintenance, proper repair of damaged areas, and skillfully designed new construction will add years to the life to an asphalt parking lot or road.

Asphalt Repair & Patching

Asphalt repair and patching is a pavement maintenance option that replaces specific areas that have deteriorated, such as significant cracking or potholes.  These repairs target individual troubled areas, and can take many forms including pothole filling, surface patching, mill and patching, and dig out patching.


An overlay is the process of applying a new layer of asphalt over an existing asphalt surface.  An overlay may be an appropriate maintenance option if an asphalt surface needs repair, but the base is still in good condition.

Full-Depth Replacement

If the asphalt is in very poor condition, full-depth replacement may be needed for a proper repair.  Full-depth replacement involves digging out the damaged asphalt down to the rock base and replacing it with new asphalt.


A curb is a raised edge made of asphalt installed along an asphalt surface.  Curbing establishes the boundary of driving areas and directs water flow.  Curbing also gives a parking lot a finished look and provides structural support to the pavement edge.

Speed Bumps

A speed bump is a low raised ridge in a parking lot or private road.  They can be made of asphalt or composite materials such as rubber or plastic.  Speed bumps can be very effective in reducing traffic speed or volume.

New Construction & Expansion

New construction and expansion includes site preparation and creation of a new asphalt lot or road or adding to an existing asphalt surface.  A new asphalt surface can be created from undeveloped land, or an existing rock lot or road.

ADA Compliance

All parking lots and paths of travel must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  St. Louis Paving can confirm compliance with the ADA, as well as resolve any areas of deficiency.

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