Asphalt curbing can be installed along the edge of an asphalt drive or parking area, to both define the surface’s boundary and direct water flow.  Asphalt curbs are typically installed using a curb extrusion machine, in which a large variety of forms can be attached to produce the desired curb profile.  A specialty asphalt mix design is typically used for asphalt curbs.  The specialty mix not only facilitates material transfer through the curb machine, but also gives the final product structural integrity and a smoother finished look.  Although using a curb extrusion machine speeds up the process, installing asphalt curbs is labor intensive and hand finishing is often required to produce a quality product.

Repairing and replacing small sections of asphalt curb can be done without a machine, but often results in a less than perfect match to the existing curb profile.  Additionally, standard commercial asphalt mix (vs. specialty curb mix) can be used for a more cost-effective repair, if aesthetics are not of concern.  Depending on the extent of the damaged curb area, asphalt base repairs may be required prior to new curb installation.

It is important to mention that asphalt curbs are not designed to stop vehicle tires in parking areas.  Since asphalt curbs are installed on top of an existing asphalt surface without structural (rebar) attachments, the curbs can be easily damaged if vehicle tires push against them.  Therefore, the installation of pinned concrete wheel stops (parking bocks) are always recommended in parking stalls that adjoin asphalt curbing.

St. Louis Paving can assist with all your asphalt curbing needs.  From new installation to repair or replacement, no job is too large or small for our experienced asphalt curbing crews.

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