Full-Depth Replacement

Full depth replacement is recommended when an entire asphalt parking lot or road is beyond repair.  Full depth replacement is the process in which the entire asphalt surface is removed down to the base rock.  After removing the asphalt, the base rock is inspected to ensure no soft areas exist that need to be addressed or repaired.  After making any necessary repairs, the base rock is fine graded and recompacted.  Finally, new asphalt of the appropriate depth for the application is installed.

Full depth replacement is significantly more expensive than an overlay or other repair options.  To avoid having to completely replace an asphalt lot or road, proper maintenance (including crack sealing, sealcoating, and patching) is very important to maximize the life of the asphalt surface.

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or complete replacement, St. Louis Paving has the experts to provide you with knowledgeable recommendations and options for all your pavement needs.  Contact us today for a no-charge evaluation.

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