An asphalt overlay is the process of applying a new layer of asphalt over an existing surface.  An overlay can be installed over concrete or asphalt surfaces, with or without milling a layer of the existing material off first.

If a concrete or asphalt surface needs repair but the base still has good structural integrity, an asphalt overlay can simply be installed on top.  Any areas that lack structural integrity can be repaired (i.e. base repairs) in advance of installing the new overlay.  Asphalt overlays can vary in thickness depending on the application’s requirement, but are most often installed at 2-inch compacted depth.  Prior to installing the overlay, an adhesive tack (prime) coat is applied to ensure proper adhesion between the old and new asphalt.  Areas where the new overlay will adjoin an existing surface should be edge milled first, so proper depth of the new asphalt can be maintained throughout the entire overlay area.

If the existing surface requires numerous base repairs throughout, milling of the entire asphalt surface prior to installing the overlay may be an option.  Additionally, milling of the entire surface may be desired prior to an overlay if maintaining existing curb reveal (height) is desired.  Otherwise, the existing curb reveal will be reduced by the depth of the new overlay.

When practical, St. Louis Paving recommends installing two lane asphalt roads and large parking lot overlays utilizing two paving machines side-by-side, slightly offset.  This is often referred to as seamless or echelon paving.  Doing so minimizes “cold joints” or “seams” in the asphalt surface.  Cold joints can result in premature surface cracking in the future.

St. Louis Paving’s Project Managers are experienced professionals with the knowledge and industry expertise to evaluate and recommend anything your road or parking lot may need.  We would be happy to meet with you at your project’s site for a no-charge evaluation.

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