Speed Bumps

St. Louis Paving installs both asphalt and composite (rubber/plastic) speed bumps and speed humps.  Speed humps are simply low-profile speed bumps, which do not cause as significant of an impact when a vehicle hits it.  Depending on the application, speed bumps/humps can be installed in one continuous length or separated to facilitate better water flow.

Asphalt Speed Bumps

Asphalt speed bumps are installed by first milling (rotomilling) the existing asphalt surface to provide a smooth and textured base upon which to build the speed bump.  Once the area has been milled, it is swept clean and an adhesive tack (prime) coat is applied.

Next, new hot mix asphalt is installed and compacted to form a speed bump of the desired length and width.  Finally, the adjoining milled surfaces are replaced with asphalt and compacted.

Composite Speed Bumps

Composite speed bumps are available in a variety of lengths, widths, heights, colors, and with or without reflective striping.  They require less installation cost and time than asphalt speed bumps, assuming the pavement surface is in good condition.  Additionally, composite speed bumps can more easily be installed on concrete surfaces.

To install composite speed bumps on both asphalt and concrete surfaces, first anchor holes are drilled in the pavement.  Then steel anchors appropriate for the surface type are installed to secure the speed bump.

St. Louis Paving can assist you with removal, replacement, and new installation of all types of speed bumps and speed humps.

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