Bollards are tall steel posts set into the ground with concrete. They are used to protect buildings, doors, gates, keypads, fire hydrants, fuel pumps, flag poles, and other items from vehicle and equipment damage.  They are installed in a variety of places including warehouses, parking lots, drive lanes, walkways, and entranceways.

No matter if your roadway or parking lot is gravel, asphalt, or concrete, St. Louis Paving can provide and install steel bollards to meet your requirements.  We offer permanent, bolt-down, and removable bollards in a variety of factory finish and custom paint colors.  St. Louis Paving also repaints existing bollards to give them a fresh look.

Our permanent bollards are installed by first basing them in with concrete.  Next the steel bollard is filled with concrete for added strength and protection.  The excavated area surrounding the bollard is then backfilled and compacted with rock.  Finally, new concrete or asphalt is installed around the bollard, flush with the surrounding surface.

No matter if your existing bollards get damaged and need to be reset or replaced, or you need new bollards installed, St. Louis Paving is here to help.

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