Curbing (Concrete)

Concrete curbing is often installed along the edge of a drive lane or parking area, to both define the surface’s boundary and direct water flow.  Concrete curbs coming in many shapes and sizes.  Below are some of the more common types:

Vertical Curb

Vertical curb is installed next to (adjoining) a drive lane or parking area.  It is commonly installed in 6 inch wide by 18 inch tall form, with 12 of the 18 inches below the finished surface grade (leaving 6 inches exposed).  Although vertical curb is quite strong, it is not intended to take the pressure of vehicle tires pushing against it.  Therefore, individually placed wheel stops are still recommended.

Extruded Curb

Extruded curb is installed on top of an existing asphalt or concrete drive lane or parking surface.  It is commonly installed in 6 inch wide by 6 inch tall form.  Since the only means of attaching the curbing to the surface is rebar pins installed prior to the curb installation, extruded curbs are more susceptible to vehicle tire damage.  Therefore, it is critical that wheel stops are utilized in parking areas that contain extruded curbs.

Integral, Monolithic and Thickened Edge Curb

These types of curb are poured in unison with adjoining concrete surfaces such as a sidewalk or street slab.  They are simply the raised curb portion of the attached surface.  They are poured with (and are therefore attached to) either the higher or lower elevation adjoining concrete surface.

Rolled Curb

Rolled curb is a gradually sloped curb that gently transitions from a lower concrete surface to a higher one, such as a street to a driveway.  Rolled curb typically transitions 6 inches in height from the lower surface to higher surface.

Curb & Gutter

Curb and gutter is a single section of concrete that is poured containing both the concrete curb (often vertical or rolled) and a flat surface of concrete that protrudes out into the drive lane or parking area.  The lower height gutter portion of concrete can be installed at any desired width; in a level, sloped, or depressed shape or form.

No matter what type of curbing you may have or be looking to install, St. Louis Paving can assist you.  From new installation to repair or replacement, no job is too large or small for our experienced concrete crews.

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