Flatwork & Steps

Concrete that is poured in a horizontal plane is often referred to as flatwork.  This includes sidewalks, steps, patios, ramps, driveways, entrances, dumpster pads, parking lots, streets, and highways.  Concrete can be installed in a large variety of thicknesses, depending upon the application’s weight load.  Sidewalks and residential driveways are typically a minimum of 3 inches, light commercial drives and parking lots a minimum of 5 inches, and heavy-duty commercial drives and parking lots as much as 12 inches or more.

Although thicker concrete is recommended for higher weight loads, additional items can also be added to strengthen concrete.  One of these is synthetic fiber reinforcement, which can be added to the concrete mixture at the batch plant.  Another is steel, which is installed at the job site (in mesh or rebar form) prior to the concrete being poured.

Once concrete is poured and finished (a standard broom finish is most common), a liquid cure & seal protectant is applied.  The concrete should then be left to cure, prior to opening to any type of traffic or use.  Standard concrete mixes have a 7-day cure time, but more expensive mix designs are available if a quicker cure is required.

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