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Concrete is a popular building material for new construction and expansion projects due its durability and availability.  It is a versatile material that can be installed on a variety of terrain and formed to many specifications.  The first step in installing concrete flatwork is excavating the soil or existing surface material to the proper depth and grade (slope).  Next, the soil is properly compacted with vibrating plate compactors or heavy rollers.  Then a minimum of 1-2 inches of crushed limestone rock is installed and compacted, followed by steel mesh or rebar if needed for additional weight bearing capacity.

The final step is pouring and finishing of the concrete.  Depending on the application, concrete can be installed from 3 to 12 or more inches thick.  Although thicker concrete is recommended for higher weight loads, additional items can also be added to strengthen the concrete.  One of these is synthetic fiber reinforcement, which can be added to the concrete mixture at the batch plant.  Another is steel mesh or rebar.

Once the concrete is poured and finished, a liquid cure and seal protectant is applied with a pump sprayer.  The concrete should then be left to cure prior to opening to any type of traffic or pedestrian use.  Standard concrete mixes have a 7-day cure time, but more expensive mix designs are available if a quicker cure time is required.

If concrete curbing is to be installed in addition to flatwork, it can be installed before, during, or after the flatwork, depending on the curb type desired.  Finally, the new surface is striped, wheel stops are installed, and signage is placed per customer requirements.

St. Louis Paving can assist with all your new construction and expansion needs.  From design and initial excavation, to final striping and signage, we do it all.  Contact us today for a no-charge consultation with one of our experienced Project Managers.

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