Drainage Solutions

If not properly addressed, stormwater and subsurface water can cause numerous problems to asphalt and concrete surfaces as well as surrounding greenspace and structures.  Properly installed and maintained drain systems and culverts will keep water out of areas it should not be, as well as assist in maximizing the life of your paved surfaces.

Stormwater Drains & Inlets

Stormwater drains collect and divert rainwater from parking lots and roadways into appropriate sewer pipes.  These drains are commonly placed both along curbs and in other areas, depending on the engineer’s original design.

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Subdrains / French Drains

Subdrains (also referred to as French Drains) are perforated drainpipes installed underneath a surface, designed to collect and drain subsurface water.  Left untreated, underground water can weaken a pavement’s base, in turn weakening and damaging the asphalt pavement.

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Trench / Channel Drains

Trench drains (also called channel drains) include a trough or channel for collecting rainwater, with grates covering the surface.  These drains are designed to quickly capture and remove rainwater to prevent ground saturation, flooding, and erosion.

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Culvert Installation

Culverts are open drainpipes installed underneath driveways or roads facilitating the flow of storm water from one side to the other.  Culverts allow water to flow through an embankment to prevent flooding and erosion, protecting the integrity of the driveway or road.

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