Subdrains / French Drains

Subdrains (also referred to as French Drains) are perforated drainpipes installed underneath a surface, designed to collect and drain subsurface water.  Subsurface water from natural springs, rain runoff, leaking sprinkler lines, or any other source can degrade a paved surface over time.  Left untreated, underground water can weaken a pavement’s base, in turn causing weakening and ultimate failure of the pavement.

A telltale sign of subsurface water problems is a white chalky residue around pavement cracks on an asphalt surface.  Not to be confused with winter deicing remnants, if such signs continue later into the year; they are likely due to subsurface water pushing limestone base rock remnants up through pavement cracks.

Subdrain pipes are installed in rock trenches that have been excavated under the pavement’s surface and connected to either an existing storm water sewer or daylighted out to a slope or hill off the side of the pavement.  St. Louis Paving’s Project Managers and field crews are experienced in the design and installation of subdrains and can quickly analyze whether your pavement’s deterioration may be a result of subsurface water issues.

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