Trench / Channel Drains

Trench drains (sometimes referred to as channel drains) include a trough or channel for collecting storm water, with grates (plastic, steel, or cast iron) covering the surface.  These drains are designed to quickly capture and remove rainwater.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are typically used perpendicular to a road or drive area to collect storm water coming down an incline.  Depending on the drain’s trough material, they can be installed in concrete or asphalt.

Trench drains should be sized to accommodate both expected weight capacities of the vehicles traveling across it, as well as anticipated water flows.  Discharge piping from the trough is directed to an existing storm water sewer or daylighted out to a slope or hill off the side of the pavement.

From repair to replacement or new installations, St. Louis Paving can assist with all of your trench drain needs.

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