Crack Sealing

Crack Sealing is the process of applying hot rubberized sealant to cracks in an asphalt surface.  As asphalt ages, a combination of sunlight, rain, and vehicle traffic will ultimately cause cracks to develop in the surface.  If left untreated, these cracks can allow water to penetrate and damage the base rock below.  Once the base rock has been compromised, further pavement cracking can occur; often leading to potholes if not promptly addressed.  Sealing the cracks will prevent water from entering the pavement, keeping the base stable and pavement strong.

Crack sealing is best accomplished using a hot-applied, properly designed crack sealant.  Just as different sealant compositions are used in different climates, the same is true for different applications such as roadways vs. parking lots.

Prior to being sealed, cracks must be dry and properly cleaned, to allow maximum adhesion of the sealant.  Cleaning can be accomplished by a variety of methods, which can significantly affect a project’s cost.  Typical cleaning involves weed and grass removal, sweeping, wire wheels, and forced air blowers.  More expensive methods may include using compressed air, propane heat lances, and routers.

Hot crack sealant is applied to ¼” inch wide (minimum) through 1-inch (maximum) cracks.  Cracks less ¼ inch wide do not allow enough material into the opening to effectively expand as needed, and therefore do not benefit from crack sealing.  Additionally, cracks larger than 1-inch are too wide for the sealant to maintain its elasticity over temperature extremes we experience in the Midwest.  Please contact St. Louis Paving for other methods of addressing larger cracks.

Although the hot crack sealant does have elastic properties, they are limited.  Therefore, hairline cracks in the sealant can sometimes develop quicker than expected.  Should this occur, additional crack sealant can be reapplied as needed.

Deeper and wider (but less than 1-inch) cracks should be filled with a fine aggregate sand type material prior to the crack sealant being applied.  This will reduce the chances of the sealant settling after it is applied.

No matter if you are looking for crack sealing or more extensive asphalt maintenance or repair, St. Louis Paving is here to assist.  Our experienced crew members are on staff year-round to assist with any needs you may have.  Contact us today for a no-charge evaluation and estimate.

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