Striping, Wheel Stops & Signage

Striping, wheel stops, and signage are an important part of any parking lot or roadway.  They quickly convey necessary information to users and can be added to both concrete and asphalt surfaces.  Striping, wheel stops, and signage help to achieve and maintain safety standards for both vehicles and pedestrians.


Striping is the process of painting markings on a parking lot or roadway to define parking stalls, drive lanes, and pedestrian walkways.  Striping guides vehicles and pedestrians and keeps a lot or roadway in compliance with safety laws and regulations.

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Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are a small barriers at the end of parking stalls which ensure vehicles stop at the proper location.  Wheel stops are also commonly referred to as curb stops, bumper blocks, parking blocks, and parking bumpers.

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Parking lot and roadway signage (such as handicap, stop, do not enter, and one-way signs) help users identify parking areas, drive lanes, and traffic rules.  Having the appropriate signage is important for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

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