Striping is the process of painting markings on a parking lot or roadway to define things such as parking stalls, drive lanes, and pedestrian walkways.  Striping guides vehicles and pedestrians and keeps a lot or roadway in compliance with safety laws and regulations.

St. Louis Paving offers a wide array of striping services including line striping, fire lane marking, numbered parking spaces, handicap symbol painting, cross walks, directional arrows, and more.  We can also paint wheel stops, bollards, curbs, and light pole bases in a variety of colors.  Our crews use only the highest quality Sherwin Williams commercial grade traffic marking paint.

Whether you are looking for white, yellow, blue, red, or a custom striping color, St. Louis Paving offers it all.  Need a new layout or more spaces created?  Our experienced Project Managers and striping crews have the knowledge and experience to you assist you with all your striping needs.  Call us today for a no-charge estimate.

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