Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are small barriers at the end of parking stalls which ensure vehicles stop at the proper location.  Wheel stops are also commonly referred to as curb stops, bumper blocks, parking blocks, and parking bumpers.  They are installed for various reasons, but most often to protect asphalt and concrete curbs along parking lots, as curbs are not made to withstand vehicle tires directly against them.  Other common uses include protecting buildings or other structures from accidental vehicle impact, protecting handicap parking signage, guiding and directing parking rows and traffic flow, and protecting walk areas from vehicle traffic.

St. Louis Paving installs two types of wheel stops:  Precast concrete and composite (rubber or plastic).  Both types are installed utilizing steel rods or bolts.  When used at the front of a parking spot, they are installed in the center in order to minimize trip hazards once a vehicle is parked.

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